12 Chinese Zodiac

This week i`m going to teach kids The 12 Chinese Zodiac,In western culture, there are 12zodiac sign which is on the 12 months cycles.In Chinese culture, we also have 12 Zodiac sign,but on 12 years cycle.


Chinese zodiac is known as “生肖”in Chinese,it is a 12 years cycle, labeled with a animals ,starting with a rat and ending with a pig. People believe some animals are lucky than others,such as dragon and pig.Chinese dragon is a symbol for power and pig is wealth. so parents they choose specific year to givr birth the babies,because they believe that the zodiac sign of a person`s born year may effect his/her personality traits.

People often ask each other:”What is your Chinese zodiac sign?”This is also a polite way of asking peoples age.Then you can think about which year were you born. For example im born in 1992, so my zodiac sign is monkey.In Chinese i can say :我属猴。


The rat`s auspicious gifts are great intelligence and building wealth;oxs auspicious gifts are strength of Character and unwavering determination;Tigers auspicious gifts are row power and uncommom courage.Rabbits auspicious gifts are manifesting prosperity and making peace;Dragons auspicious gifts are noble actions and majestic dreams;Snakes auspicious gifts areprimordial wisdom and mystical abilities;Horse auspicious gifts are freedom of spirit and fearless approch to life;Sheeps auspicious gifts are true compassion and purity of heart;Monkeys auspicious gifts are terrific humor and highly developed sense of self;Roosters auspicious gifts are forward thinking and solid self-confidence;Dogs auspicious gifts are unconditional love and loyatly to all living things;Pig`s auspicious gifts are saint-like generosity and trustworthiness.







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