happy Chinese new year(1)

Chinese people named each year with an animal, and this year,the 2017,is the year of the rooster.chinese-new-year-001

At the begainning,Chinese new years are different from western ones, it was adjusted based on the Chinese lunar canlendar ,and the date is usually lies between late January and  early February, we call it “Chun Jie”in Chinese, which means The Spring Festival.

Before starting the class,i will let students compare what is the different between western new year and Chinese new year , such as ,when new year is approaching,what kind of stuff you gonna prepare for new year`s eve.the flowing pictures are telling you the answer.

In western culture, people will prepare such as :Christmas tree;stockings ;ornaments;and also the gifts for Santa;In Chinese Culture, when chunjie is approaching, people are busy purchasing goods;wipping the house;and pasting Spring Festival couplets,some people will also pasting Spring Festival pictures and paper cuttings.and the parents will give money to the kid .

In Chinese new year , people also need to prepare decorations, the most representive one is The Chinese Charecter 福.Chinese people like the color red because red represent luck, and the Character 福 means good luck;good fortune and happiness. when people celebrate ChunJie, you will find 福 are pasted on every door of the family.

From this class, the students gonna make a Chinese character 福


Let students colouring the Character 福,those who got the left one should draw a diamond first, those who got the right one need to write the English meaning of the word.and for the background of the Character ,can only use colour red, for the character you can choose yellow  or blak or both of them.


The pictures below are what students made after this class.












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