Happy Chinese new year(2)

In this class, we will talk about two special phenomenons in Chinese Spring Festival.

1.The Spring festival travel rush


The Spring festival travel rush,we call Chun Yun(春运)in Chinese.

When Chun Jie is approaching,millions of people working and studying out of their home town are hurring home to reunite with their family .the pictures above  chaptured the vivid scene of spring festival travel rush,no matter in bus station ,train station or airport, you can see huge crowds of people everywhere. we have a chinese saying that:”people mountain people sea”(人山人海),which means the huge crowds of people are as much as the mountains and the waves. The city trasportations faces big challenge when Chun Jie approaches.


2.red envelope


Chinese new year is a red envelope season,we call it HongBao(红包)in Chinese language.

The parents will give kids money in Chinese new years day, that means wishing another happy and healthy year. It`s tradition to put crisp ,new bills inside,Giving dirty or wrinkled bills is in bad taste,In the week leading up to Chinese New Year,many people stand in long queues at banks to exchange old bills for new ones.

When the Hongbao(红包)comes to children ,we believe it is important to explain to them that the true meaning of red envelope,and that it is not about how much they receive.Rather,we should show appreciation and thanks to the giver,regardless of the amount.

In recent years, it has become popular among young people to send “Wechat red envelopes”,which is an online money transfer with a colorful message. It has become a new way to greet friends or relatives during the Chinese new year.

on new years Eve,the CCTV Spring Festival attracts people with its wonderful performances,people have the chance to win cyber red envelopes by shaking their phones ceaselessly.













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