Making paper lanterns

The Lantern festival is celebrated everywhere on Jan 15 of the Chinese lunar calender,right after the Chinese new year.traditionally, the Lantern festival is a part of the Spring festival.this day was the first full moom in the lunar new year.

A few days before lantern festival, people starting garthing paper,silk,cloth and bamboo sticks to make lanterns.The lantern festival is also a romantic holiday. in Feudal society young girls are not allowed to go out freely,but on the night of lantern festival, they are allowed to view the lanters in groups. Now adays ,people still invite others to view the lanterns.on the night of lantern festival,people can go to the temple fair,which has various celebrations such as lion dance and dragon dance.%e5%85%83%e5%ae%b5%e8%8a%82-005%e5%85%83%e5%ae%b5%e8%8a%82-006%e5%85%83%e5%ae%b5%e8%8a%82-007%e5%85%83%e5%ae%b5%e8%8a%82-008

Across China ,people celebrated by hanging up lanterns ,makeing sweet dumplings soup ,lighting fireworks and attending preformances . on the lantern festival night, the moon illuminate the dark sky.


After introduced the basic information to students, we made the lanterns afterwards.only  two piece of different color paper,gule and scissors required.



From this class, students not only getting to know the Chinese Lantern festival,but slao enjoying the great experience of making their own lanterns!








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